Church Bells in Switzerland (31-03-2009)

For whom the bell tolls in Switzerland…


"Aren’t the church bells wonderful?" -
"One can’t hear a word one’s saying for those damned church bells!"

(From the student magazine, 4. Sekundarschule, Beinwil am See)

Plan to move to Switzerland?
Always check the location of the churches nearby! Otherwise you might get a very unpleasant surprise after moving in to your new flat.
It is important to be aware of the fact that in many villages and cities in Switzerland the bells ring for extended periods many times a day – in addition to the so called ‘Zeitschlag’ (the chime of the bells every quarter of an hour, 24 hours a day)!

The problem with the concept of ‘Nachtruhe’ (Silence during the night) is: There seems to be none anymore, it seems to have lost any value with the Swiss people! The registered association of the people fighting against the noise of church bells, ‘IG Stiller’ (, stands up for the reintroduction of the Nachtruhe, the oldest of all traditions.

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